25 ways you can start saving money right now

It’s easy to say you want to save more money. It’s harder to know  where exactly to start. But it’s easier than you think. Here are 25 ways  to start saving you can work on right away.

Focus on paying down your debt

Debt is expensive. Interest rates can keep you mired in that debt for years, costing you more and more over time.

There are a lot of services we pay for that we could do ourselves if we made the time or learned the skill.

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Learn to fix things

Use coupons

Finding coupons for goods and services is easier than ever. Before you buy, check the  company website for promotions, and search the internet for coupons.

You can save serious money doing this, even if you’re spending just $5 to $10 each day on lunch.

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Take your lunch to work …


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