31 Things That Can Go Wrong When You Build a New Home

Buying an existing home can be a complicated and expensive affair. Buyers can try to reduce their transaction costs by using a discount real estate broker or simplify the process by using an agent.

So, it’s not surprising that many people decide to build a new home instead of dealing with an overheated market. A customized home that’s never been lived in sounds like an appealing prospect.

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A new study from Real Estate Witch surveyed buyers of newly constructed homes and uncovered their biggest regrets, their sources of satisfaction, and what they wish they’d known before.

1. Most Buyers of New Construction Homes Have Regrets

Two-thirds of new construction buyers (66%) experience some form of regret regarding the process of building their home.

A fact that’s especially surprising when you consider many of the homes were built according to buyer specifications.

2. A Top Regret of People Who Bought New Construction May Surprise You

One of the top regrets of people who bought a newly constructed home is that, well, they bought a newly constructed home.

Buyer’s remorse is common among people who buy every type of home, but the fact that over a quarter of all new construction buyers wish they had bought an existing home.

3. Attention to Detail Can Prevent Future Regrets

About 21% of new construction buyers report minor regrets about their home, and 19% “wish they had made different decisions while building their home.

Avoid future regrets and nagging “what ifs” by putting ample thought into the building process early on. If you’re unsure about certain decisions, ask for an outside opinion!


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