38 ways to earn passive income streams

Having more than one source of income is pretty common these days. For some people, it’s a way to make ends meet. For others, it’s a way to grow their wealth.

It can also be a way to feel more financially secure. If one source of income dries up, there is another that can fill in the gap. While a common source of income is the type earned from a regular job, there is also passive income.

Lined Circle
Lined Circle

Open a high-yield savings account

By simply putting your money in the bank, you may be able to start to earn passive income on it.

Buy a company

Although this may take an up-front investment, buying into a business and becoming a silent partner can be another passive income source.

Become a peer-to-peer (P2P) lender

Using a peer-to-peer or crowd-lending website, you can be matched to an individual seeking a loan and lend your money as an installment-type loan, earning interest on it.

Buy a rental property

You might want to purchase a home to rent out to an ongoing tenant or list a property on a short-term rental site like Airbnb.

Invest in crowdfunded real estate

If you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a piece of property, you can always check out your options on crowdfunded real estate sites like Fundrise and CrowdStreet. 

Invest in index funds or dividend-paying stocks

Dividend-paying stocks typically pay investors quarterly or annually and often allow investors to reinvest the dividends.

Invest with an automated advisor

If you’re just getting started with investing, you may want to use automated investing tools to help you choose the appropriate allocation of assets for your goals.

Start a retirement account

One way to earn passive income on a retirement account is through mutual funds. You can choose the level of risk you want to take with your money by finding a mutual fund that is higher or lower risk.

Join an affiliate program

When you join a company’s affiliate program, you earn a commission from every product that someone purchases from that company.

Rent out your car

Another one of the best passive income opportunities is renting out your car on a site like Turo.

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