4 ways to prevent sleep wrinkles

The better your sleep, the more you’ll optimize your health as well as things like your productivity and fitness endeavors. Surprisingly, though, there’s one downside to sleep, and that’s wrinkles.

If sleeping on your side and stomach increases the likelihood of  wrinkles, then it makes sense that you should sleep on your back  instead.

Consider your sleep position

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Try a neck pillow

Consider swapping your regular pillow for one that supports your neck.  “This will help you avoid turning at night,” says Trina Renea.

Switch to silk

Silk will prevent dehydration of the skin that can exacerbate wrinkles  as well as allow skin to move more smoothly along the fabric rather than  drag as you sleep.

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If you want to prevent sleep wrinkles between your chest, then buy one of these pillows.

Use a breast pillow


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