It’s never too early: 5 fun ways to boost your kids’ savings

By making the experience enjoyable, kids will remember this as a  valuable life skill — one that motivates them and carries into adulthood.

Whether you call them piggy banks, money jars or coin collectors, these  tools offer a tangible way for kids to grasp the concept of financial  management.

Embrace the three-jar system – aka Piggy banks

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Start a kid-friendly budget

It can be a creative and fun way for kids to grasp the concept of financial planning and saving, albeit on a smaller scale.

Kickstart a savings challenge

Money-saving challenges are a great way for adults and kids to build  their savings. The easiest way to begin one is by starting with a single  penny.

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Encourage your child to save with an exciting savings game. Offer to  match their contributions dollar for dollar or offer a set amount like  $0.50 for every dollar they save.

Create a fun race to save


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