5 gardening mistakes that could spell doom for your plants

Look at gardening mistakes as opportunities to learn how to do  it right. Here are planting blunders that offer great lessons in  how to grow a garden correctly.

This is why before you make your planting decisions you should take a look around your planting area and make a garden plan.

Planting Without Planning

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Treating Your Soil Like Dirt

Not all soil is created equal. Your yard might have sandy soil, clay soil, silty soil, loamy soil or chalky soil.

Spacing Out On Proper Plant Spacing

If you already know you don’t have a lot of space, choose to plant vegetables that don’t spread out much or plants for tight spaces.

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A common error among beginners is to wait too long and miss the harvest  window for veggies and fruit, resulting in a crop that’s past its prime.

Letting Vegetables Die on the Vine


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