5 homeschooling tips to keep parents sane

Homeschooling your child requires a lot of time and energy, and with the coronavirus pandemic impacting students nationwide, parents are suddenly finding themselves managing a job, a home and a classroom all at once.

We talked with experts to get homeschooling tips to help you cope with your new role as teacher.

Outsource core work

Pick a few important core subjects you don’t want to teach and find a ready-made curriculum for each one.

Keep them on task

Even if your child’s school is providing a curriculum, you’re still stuck with what may arguably be the hardest part of teaching — keeping students focused. Here are some ideas to help them keep their heads in the books:

Think outside the box

Your child doesn’t need to be sitting in front of the computer or at the table with a textbook to learn. Gaddy recommends using plenty of hands-on activities such as baking — a great way to practice math — and games.

Stick to a schedule — or not

If you’re an ultra organized person who thrives on schedules, by all means make one, Gaddy said. But if you get stressed out by detailed schedules, then just make a to-do list or an informal plan for your day.

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