5 hot cities for real estate investing in 2021

The run-up in housing prices in many areas of the country, which was partly spurred by the pandemic-inspired flight to the suburbs from urban centers, seems to have more staying power than many experts expected.

Opportunities abound, and markets where there is more potential for upside are at the top of the list.  For investors looking to jump on that bandwagon, here are the places Mynd recommends checking out.

Long known for its affordability, the cost of living is starting to edge up in Atlanta, the commercial capital of the South.


Most homes on the market remain affordable to most people, assuming they spend about 28% of their gross income on housing.


CoreLogic had a gloomy prediction for the Las Vegas housing market late last year, forecasting a steep decline in prices as it expected international tourism to fall off and bring down the local economy.

Las Vegas

Austin’s reputation for livability has turned the former “hippie haven” portrayed in the 1989 indie film classic “Slacker” into one of the country’s hottest real estate markets.

Austin, Texas

Charlotte was forecast to be number 11 in the country in construction activity in 2021 to meet growing demand, meaning there is plenty of room for new investment.

Charlotte, North Carolina

“If you’re worried about rising interest rates or inflation,” Stepp addes, “there is probably no better place to invest than in a city with a healthy financial market, because banks do very well in that climate.”

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