5 indexes investors should know about

By knowing some of the top ESG indexes, then, it’s possible to invest in funds that capture the performance of that index, and put your money toward companies whose aim is to focus on positive environmental, social, and corporate governance outcomes.

S&P 500 ESG Index

The S&P 500 ESG Index consists of 307 domestic investments across the broader market. All firms included in the index must meet specified ESG criteria established by S&P Dow Jones Indices.

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Nasdaq-100 ESG Index

The Nasdaq-100 ESG Index.PDF File consists of 96 separate securities that meet ESG criteria established by Nasdaq.

MSCI KLD 400 Social Index

Established in 1990, the MSCI KLD 400 Social Index  is one of the first and oldest socially responsible investing (SRI) indexes, making it a popular standard for evaluating long-term ESG performance.

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MSCI USA Extended ESG Focus Index

The MSCI USA Extended ESG Focus Index  includes securities across the U.S. equity markets, but selects constituents from the MSCI USA parent index using an optimization process that targets companies with high ESG ratings in each sector.


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