5 insurance moves to make if you’re getting divorced in your 50s

Divorce can have massive financial implications at any age, but for  older divorcees, who may have more wealth and more complicated finances,  particularly when it comes to insurance.

Life insurance policies will pay out to the named beneficiary even in  the event of a divorce, so if you don’t remove your former spouse,  they’ll get the death benefit.

Update your beneficiaries

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Make sure you’re still covered by health insurance

Health insurance could be another difficult consideration for people who previously got their coverage through a spouse.

Update your health care proxies

If you don’t want your ex to make those decisions, you have to update  these documents — health care providers won’t be aware of who to turn to  otherwise.

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It’s even more important to protect your income when you become single —  there’s no one else to lean on if you’re unable to work.

Consider disability or long-term care insurance


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