5 surprising signs you’re about to be scammed

There are so many ways that swindlers can take advantage, it’s important  to be able to identify the major red flags. Your guard should go up if  you’re in any of the following situations.

Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You

Be wary of strangers calling and requesting your financial information.

NJ.com recently released an interesting article about a young woman who lost $1,000 in a Zelle scam.

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The “Good Guys” Trying to Protect You From the Bad Guys May Be the Bad Guys

Since we live so much of our lives online, we’re warned constantly about the dangers of clicking on the wrong link.

Beware a Tale of Woe Designed to Tap Into Your Own Greed

If you’ve found an anonymous texter charming and fun to text, you may want to proceed cautiously.

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You’re Striking Up a Friendship with Someone Who Texted You Accidentally


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