5 tips for keeping your grill from rusting

To prevent your grill from rusting and keep it operational as long as possible before needing to buy a replacement, follow these simple tips to ensure that you will be grilling food in your backyard for many years to come.

While many of us love BBQ sauce, to avoid excess sauce running into your grill’s burners and potentially clogging or rusting them, apply any marinades directly to your food while in the kitchen and not while grilling.

Avoid pouring liquids directly onto your grill

Grills should be cleaned after each use to prevent rust. Make sure to turn a gas grill‘s burners off before cleaning, and use a grill brush to remove any particles that may be stuck to the grates.

Keep it clean

It’s also a good idea to do a deeper clean on a regular basis. To do so, detach the grates and then clean with a solution of hot water, one cup of mild dish soap, and 1/4 cup of baking soda.

Give it a deep clean every so often

After cleaning, coat both gas and charcoal grates with a thin layer of vegetable oil to prevent food from sticking to them in the future. Doing this will also help repel moisture—and therefore rust.

Oil Your Grill

Moisture is the biggest culprit that will rust your grill and reduce its lifespan. After grilling season is over, put a tight-fitting nylon or vinyl cover with a cloth lining over your grill.

Cover it and move indoors

It’s a good idea to inspect your grill for rust each time before cooking on it, as grilling with loose rust isn’t safe.

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