5 ways taking on a side hustle can help you get ahead

Don’t think you have it in you to add more hours to the week? You may change your mind once you see all the ways that taking on a side hustle for a while can help you get ahead.

If you earn as little as $400 a month from a side hustle that you enjoy and work at it for a few months, depositing all earnings into an  emergency savings account.

Save for emergencies

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Once your credit cards are paid off, you’ll have more money each month to save and/or spend on things and activities you enjoy.

Tackle burdensome debt

Save for vacations

I used to pet sit for my neighbors and stash my earnings in a coffee can until they amounted to enough to pay for a vacation.

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It’s time to get old school and take on an extra job so you can save enough to pay cash for what you want and stay out of debt.

Save for large expenses


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