50 things Millennials get blamed for—but should they?

Never mind the deep-seated socio-economic reasons why millennials suck at life.

Never mind the fact that — hey! — millennials are getting better.

Never mind that for every stat, think piece, or white paper out there saying one thing, there’s another saying the exact opposite.

Nope, millennials are just terrible, annihilating every very special thing that crosses their path of entitlement. Like casinos. Or cruises. And chicken wings.

They live with their parents

Pew Research put millennials on blast when it advertised that, as of 2016, 15% of 25- to 35-year-old millennials were living at the ‘rents

They refuse to get married

Back in 2014, 25% of millennials told Pew they would never get married — and other research supports the notion that, at the very least, people are waiting longer to tie the knot.

They’re not buying houses

Because they’re single and living with their parents — or staying single so they can live with their parents, depending on who you ask. And because there’s all this data suggesting most millennials just aren’t buying homes.

Plus, they’re terrible house guests.

Millennials show up early, eat too much food, don’t help around the house, make a whole bunch of noise, and leave their borrowed beds unmade, according to a survey from HomeAdvisor.

They eat way too much avocado toast

Whether this proclivity is why millennials aren’t buying houses remains up for debate.

They’re terrible drivers

Per a report from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, these days, millennials run red lights, speed, text while driving and engage in other risky behaviors behind the wheel more than any other generation.

They’re also bad at buying cars

Thanks to Netflix, Hulu, Blue Apron, etc., millennials use monthly costs to determine something’s affordability … which, as this Jalopnik article points out, is a bad way to buy a car, since its the purchase price determines how long — and by extension how much interest — you’re going to pay.

They’re entitled

That’s been the log line about millennials for quite some time, though many media sites have come to their defense in recent years.

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