6 investing questions you should ask yourself ASAP

To begin your investment journey, you need to understand basic  information about the process. That can help you feel secure and  comfortable enough to take the first concrete step.

It may be a good idea to look for banks or online stock trading platforms that offer free accounts, no account, and no trading costs.

What’s a Good Amount of Money to Start Investing?

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I Only have $30 In My Bank Account — Can I Invest?

Falling within $30 of a zero-dollar bank account may mean there’s not enough extra for unexpected emergencies and  incidentals.

What Are My Investment Options With $10,000?

Big picture, this means investing in multiple different asset classes like stocks, bonds, cash, and real estate.

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ETFs vs. mutual funds are similar in that they each bundle together some other type of investment, such as stocks are bonds.

Are ETFs or Mutual Funds Better For Beginner Investors?


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