6 things airlines don’t want you to know

From the top ways to cut costs when booking a ticket to a smooth airport experience  to the dirtiest parts of the plane, here are some of the tips, tricks and secrets airlines don’t want you to know.

When you visit an airline’s website or a travel search engine to get  information about airfare, the site tracks your activity using cookies.

Search for flights incognito

Every so often, airlines release dirt cheap tickets. They’re not doing it as a favor. It’s an accident.

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Airlines release bargain tickets by mistake

Know your rights

The more you know about your rights as an airline passenger, the  better. It may not help the airline, but it certainly helps for you.

Airlines hold potable water in large containers underneath the  aircraft. The water is used for the sinks and to make your coffee and  tea.

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Don’t drink the coffee or the tea


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