Travel hacks: 6 ways to save on Airbnb

Travel gets expensive fast. You need to fund everything from meals to  car rentals and travel insurance. To help stretch those dollars, here  are six money-saving hacks for Airbnb users.

Utilize referral links

If you’re brand new to Airbnb, use a referral link to save $40 on your booking.

There’s no any harm in asking for what you want. In fact, negotiating on Airbnb is common.

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Travel in the off-season

Travel prices fluctuate with price demand, so hitting up a destination  in an area’s off-season is a great way to save on trips in general.

Price and demand rules are in effect, so booking way ahead of  schedule (when plenty of rentals are still in need of guests) should net  a lower price.

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Book early … or late


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