7 amazing facts about the world’s ‘Seven Seas’

The term “the seven seas” has different meanings to different people and cultures. Read on to learn seven fascinating facts about our amazing oceans.

Scientists estimate that up to 80% of the planet’s life is found under the surface of the ocean.

Most of Earth’s life is aquatic

Amid the chilly depths, hydrothermal vents release water heated up to a scalding 750º Fahrenheit (400º Celsius).

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The hottest water is at the bottom of the ocean

Phytoplankton — tiny photosynthetic organisms that live in the sea — alone are responsible for half of the oxygen on Earth.

The sea produces most of our oxygen

We may imagine the deep ocean as a silent space, yet scientists who’ve listened in say there’s almost constant noise.

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The ocean bottom is a very noisy place


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