7 best Mt. Rainier hikes families & beginners will love

One of the top activities to do when you come visit Washington or for  those of us locals living in Washington is to visit Mount Rainier  National Park.

The Naches Peak Loop trail is one of my personal top 3 hikes in Washington during wildflower season due to the gorgeous views of Mount Rainier.

Naches Peak Loop Hike

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Myrtle Falls Hike

When we have visitors from out of town, Myrtle Falls  is the number one hike we take them on if we are headed to Mount Rainier.

Narada Falls Hike

Narada Falls is not really a hike as it’s super short, but it’s definitely not to be overlooked as it’s a gorgeous, full waterfall.

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This trail is a fairly easy loop trail that is located very close to the  Grove of the Patriarch’s trail.

Silver Falls Hike


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