8 common signs you may be vitamin deficient

Everyone needs a processed snack now and again, but if you don’t have  enough vitamin intake, you can start to experience symptoms that will  hold you back.

While there are many factors involved in brittle hair and nails, one  of the big ones is a decreased level of biotin, otherwise known as  vitamin B7.

Brittle nails and hair

If your hair is falling out, that can indicate a shortage of a number of nutrients, including: iron, zinc, linoleic acid, and niacin (B3), in addition to biotin (B7).

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Hair loss

These symptoms again can indicate low zinc or niacin levels, or possibly low riboflavin (B2) and pyridoxine (B6).

Dandruff or patchy scalp

Restless leg syndrome affects nearly 10 percent of Americans, and women are twice as likely to experience it as men.

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Restless leg syndrome


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