8 ways to get yourself into those exclusive, fancy airport lounges

With most lounge networks, the easiest way to gain entry is to  purchase a membership or a day pass. However, there are some ways to  access airport lounges without forking over cash.

Open a Premium Travel Rewards Credit Card

When you’re deciding about which credit card rewards are most  valuable to you, consider whether luxury airport lounge access is an  important factor.

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Trade in Miles or Use Credits

Another way to enter fancy lounges for free is to redeem airline miles for a membership (you might also be able to redeem credit card miles vs. cash back to gain access).

Fly in Business Class or International First Class

When you have a ticket in business class or in international first  class, nearly every airline will give you a pass to an airport lounge.

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One of the great things about flying in international business or first  class is that you will often receive a lounge pass that includes guest  access.

Befriend a Business or First Class Passenger


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