9 daily vices that are damaging your health & wallet

Most things are cool in moderation, but a little peek into how they  might be reshaping your life and bank balance can be a real jaw-dropper.

If you’re indulging every workday, that’s $16.75 to $19.75 a week. Do the math, and it’s a caffeinated budget hit of $871 to $1,027 a year!

Coffee, coffee, coffee

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Playing the lottery

You might think it’s all in good fun, but those dollars can add up quickly! On average, Americans shelled out $69.52 per person on lottery tickets alone in 2018.


Cigarettes? They’ll cost you anywhere from $4.62 a pack in Missouri to a whopping $10.67 in New York, according to the CDC. Just a pack a week? You’re still smoking over $200 a year.

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Now, let’s do some fun math. All those tasty trips to your favorite  fast-food joints could be gobbling up to $936 a year from your wallet.

Eating out and fast food


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