9 Easy, Eco-Friendly Beauty & Skincare

It’s getting easier and easier to swap out common products with reusables coffee cups, straws and produce bags among them.

Many cosmetics brands tout the recyclability or biodegradability of their packaging sometimes with a fair amount of greenwashing involved but recycling alone isn’t a viable solution.

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In the midst of this plastic-pollution crisis, companies are stepping in and making reusable and refillable cosmetics available to customers, so we can continue to care for ourselves.

1. Refillable Deodorant

Those plastic, twist-up deodorant tubes are becoming a thing of the past. Instead, household-name and small brands alike are offering refillable options.

Proverb’s aluminum-free deodorant refills are available in different colors, scents and strengths, and are wrapped in paper.

2. Washable Cotton Rounds

Instead of buying those mega-packs of cotton pads from the beauty aisle, try washable cotton rounds.

Use them to apply liquid products like micellar water, face wash, or toner, or swap out products that come as saturated wipes like makeup remover with the liquid form of the product to apply.

3. Refillable Skin Care Products

Brands large and small are coming up with solutions for the small, single-use plastic bottles, jars and tinctures that store our favorite skin care products.

Based in Nashville, The Good Fill has its own in-person fillery, but you don’t need to be a Tennessean to use their products.


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