A beginner’s guide to foraging

Instead of picking packaged groceries off the shelf, foraging implores  us to consider the sources of our food as we slow down and look at our  local ecosystems and what they can yield to us.

You educate yourself, be 100% certain of your identification before  eating anything, and always carry a guidebook or other information on  your escapades.

Safety Concerns

Harvesting dandelions is actually beneficial to the ecosystem. Eat the young leaves and flowers raw in salads, or cook the less-tender leaves in a stir fry.

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Plants and Flowers

After a warm spring rain, the emerging caps of wild mushrooms are a welcome site to foragers for their health benefits and other diverse uses.


Many berries are pretty distinctive, but make sure you identify them thoroughly, as there are lookalikes abound.

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Nuts and Berries


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