Back-to-school tips for mompreneurs

For a woman balancing being both a mom and entrepreneur, also known as a mompreneur, back-to-school season means going back to babysitting headaches, back to running from one after-school activity to another and back to being homework helper.

To help you balance running your business and managing your kids’ schedules this school year, take a look at some of our back-to-school tips to make this your easiest transition yet.

Be flexible & keep things in perspective

Running a business is stressful enough, but what if you have to unexpectedly pick up your kids from school in the middle of the day or take over carpool on a day that’s not ordinarily yours?

Get organized & stick to routines

Even if you’re super organized when it comes to your business, keeping up with kids’ schedules is a monumental challenge. Here are Bagatelle-Black’s three organization tips.

Use Google Calendar (or whichever digital calendar works best for you): It’s perfect to input kids’ activities, early release days, parent-teacher conferences and more.

Set routines — and stick to them. Bagatelle-Black is often still working when the kids come home from school. They do their homework and then put it in a designated spot on the kitchen counter.

Set boundaries with your kids. For example, if Bagatelle-Black said if is in her office on the phone, the kids are not allowed to interrupt, unless it’s an emergency.

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