5 tips for being productive without burning out

Running all-out all the time is the sure path to burnout. Productivity happens when you know how to use your energy wisely.

 Understanding your signals, your rhythms, and your greatest sources of energy will bump your productivity up exponentially.

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Know your low-energy tells

The advice here is to pay attention to you. Know what behaviors tend to signal the need for an energy recharge.

Have an arsenal of energy infusers on hand

When you’ve spotted your tell, and your system needs that recharge, know ahead of time what strategies work best for you.

Schedule your day around your rhythm

Knowing what tasks you’re most productive working on at certain times throughout the day helps you make good choices when the choice is yours to make.

Harness your slumps

Take a break when you need it. But know that taking a break and staying productive are not mutually exclusive. Find a way to make use of your break time.

Find a break-buddy to help you re-energize

Find a colleague with whom you can swap for a bit. Ask him or her to give your proposal a read and suggest any adds or edits.