The Best Ready-To-Drink Tequila Cocktails You Can Buy

The beverage aisle is flooded with options to quench your thirst for Mexican-style beverages, such as ranch water, cheladas, clean spiked tequila seltzers and craft tequila seltzers in novel flavors.

With the cocktails/RTD’s and tequila/mezcal categories taking the top two slots in the DISCUS fastest-growing spirits category in 2021, the combination of both is a clear winner.

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Here’s an assortment of RTD margaritas and other canned tequila cocktails to make any celebrations refreshing and easy.

1. Big Star

When it’s time for margaritas and tacos in Chicago, Big Star is a favorite, featuring top-notch cocktails and food, honky tonk vibes and an incredible scene-y patio.

When they launched their canned margarita in Summer 2020 with a formulation by the brilliant mixologists from Apologue Liqueurs, it brought that super cool time home.

2. Crook & Marker Margarita

The latest entry in the Crook & Marker line of 100 calorie/zero sugar canned cocktails is a Strawberry Hibiscus margarita made from organic tequila.

Technically a hard seltzer, the fruity flavor from fresh fruit and natural deep pink color make these cans loads of fun to drink. They also make a paloma, pina colada and mojito.

3. Tip Top Margaritas

Tip Top tasty, tiny cans bring a bright, citrus-y cocktail that fits in a pocket. Says co-founder Neal Cohen, “No one needs another mediocre, watered-down margarita in a can.

These classic cocktails are in uniquely small 100ml cans because that’s truly the appropriate portion to pour over ice and have a traditional margarita.


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