Chocolate Hills & 9 other bizarre geological mysteries around the world

These geological mysteries scattered across the globe have captivated both scientists and adventurers for centuries, leaving us  awestruck with their breathtaking beauty, formations, and histories.

These hills take on a chocolate-brown hue during the dry season, reminiscent of delectable chocolate kisses.

Chocolate Hills – Bohol Island, Philippines

Medium Brush Stroke

Catedral de Marmol – Patagonia, Chile

The name “Catedral de Marmol” is a fitting nod to the cathedral-like appearance of its main chambers.

Dallol Volcano – Danakil Depression, Ethiopia

Its bizarre features, including vibrant mineral deposits and colorful hot springs, result from the interaction of volcanic forces and salt beds.

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The Darvaza Gas Crater, often referred to as the “Door to Hell,” is a  man-made geological oddity in Turkmenistan’s Karakum Desert.

Darvaza Gas Crater – Karakum Desert, Turkmenistan


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