5 excellent boozy drinks from America’s Dairyland

Wisconsin’s one of the best places in the country, if not the world, to enjoy a cocktail. Really. “America’s Dairyland” could easily be called “America’s Cocktail-land,”.

Like New Orleans and Kentucky, Wisconsin boasts a rich, boozy history, and most bartenders, even at the divey-est bars, know how to shake, stir and blend.

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The Wisconsin Old Fashioned

In Wisconsin, if you order an old fashioned, the bartender will ask you a series of questions: brandy or whiskey, sweet or sour and do you want a cherry or perhaps a pickled Brussels sprout as a garnish?

The typical garnish is a cherry and orange slice, but people also select pickled onions, olives … basically any pickled vegetable that you might find on lazy Susan tray of snacks at a supper club.

The Wisconsin Bloody Mary

Real Wisconsin residents don’t ask for chasers; we expect them to come along with our bloody Mary, and we expect them to come free of charge.

The beer chaser, also called a snit, is the first difference in a Wisconsin bloody Mary.  The second is the garnish, or rather, garnishes because a properly made bloody in Wisconsin should have so many garnishes that they’re spilling over the top and down the sides of the drink.

Ice Cream Drinks

They’re called ice cream drinks, not boozy milkshakes, and on Saturday nights, during non-pandemic times, individual bars, restaurants and supper clubs across the state serve up hundreds.


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