Camping in Armenia: How, where, and what to take

We’ll show you everything you need to plan a camping trip to Armenia,  from what to take and how to pack to the wildlife to watch out for on  the trails.

Armenia is blessed with expansive mountain ranges, mature forests, and sweeping valleys with rivers and natural springs.

Stunning landscape

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The Climate and When to Go

The climate in Armenia is pleasant during the summer. Between June  and September, it’s dry and sunny, with temperatures ranging from 10 to  22°C.

What to Pack for Camping in Armenia

Since you need to get on a plane to visit Armenia, you’ll need to  pack light. This means less luggage to transport and less to carry on  your hikes.

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Wear long pants while hiking. The  long trails are full of bushes and brambles that will scrape your legs  if you’re wearing shorts.

What to Pack for Camping in Armenia


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