Can cats hurt dogs? Understanding the risks of interactions between the two species

It’s important for pet owners to understand the natural instincts of both species and how to prevent harm to either one.

When a cat feels threatened or cornered, their natural instinct may be  to attack and defend themselves. This can be dangerous for both the cat  and the dog.

Predatory Behavior in Cats

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Pack Mentality in Dogs

This behavior can sometimes lead to aggression towards other animals,  especially those they perceive as a threat or intruder. In some cases,  this can include cats.

Territorial Disputes

Territorial disputes can arise when both cats and dogs feel threatened  by a newcomer and may react aggressively towards each other.

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Resource guarding can also lead to conflict between pets. This includes  guarding food, toys, or even a favorite spot on the couch.

Resource Guarding


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