Can I get unclaimed money from a dead relative?

When no direct heir is identified, unclaimed money and assets from a deceased relative go to the state government. How soon the money goes to the state after the person dies will vary according to that state’s inheritance laws.

Once unclaimed money ends up in the hands of the government, the state authority will try to identify any relatives that are entitled to claim the money. Typically, a description of the assets and the name of the deceased are posted to one or several public and searchable websites.

If you believe you are entitled to an unclaimed financial asset of a deceased relative, you can file a claim with the state government or business that is holding it.

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If you are specifically named as a beneficiary in the deceased relative’s will, the claim process can be relatively smooth.

If not, you may still be able to claim that money but it will require supporting documentation or potentially a decision from a presiding probate court judge to ultimately verify the claim.

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