Can real estate help you retire early?

While people have been retiring early since there was work to shirk, the “FIRE movement” went mainstream in the early 2010s, popularized by Mr. Money Mustache and a few other bloggers.

But does financial independence necessarily mean retiring early? How do you achieve financial freedom? And what hidden pros and cons of FIRE are you probably overlooking?

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Financial independence, early retirement

Early retirement refers to quitting your career job, never to return to the workforce. Or at least not to a high-stress, high-income career.

Financial freedom defined

Financial independence, sometimes called financial freedom, means being able to cover your living expenses with passive income from investments.

The Formula for FIRE

You get the gist: with enough passive income, you can pay your bills and stop working if you want. But what should you invest in to reach financial independence and retire early? How much of a nest egg do you need?


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