7 ways to manage climate change anxiety

We have long known that physical health is impacted by climate change – whether it be due to poor air quality, loss of shelter or dehydration.

Experiencing the smaller-scale effects of climate change daily has led to an increase in “climate-” or “eco-anxiety.” Watching your local landscapes change, you might worry about the safety of your community in the face of wildfires and drought.

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Know That Your Feelings Are Justified

First off, let yourself feel what you are feeling. You are not overreacting, or catastrophizing, or leaning into pessimism; our situation is dire, and fear, sadness and worry are proportionate responses.

Practice Mindfulness

The uncertainty of the climate crisis can be overwhelming, much like other anxiety-inducing factors in our lives. Developing a mindfulness or meditation practice can help with anxiety in all forms.

Quit Doom Scrolling

Fill your feed with a balance of both positive and negative environmental news, making sure you’re exposing yourself to the great work that climate champions are doing every day.

Lean Into Your Climate Community

Find a local biking club, volunteer group or excursion club to connect with like-minded people and broaden your support network.