Colleges that offer free tuition


Tuition-free college sounds like a fantasy. But at some colleges and universities, it is possible for students to qualify to attend without paying tuition costs.

There is a limited number of schools that offer free college tuition to students. There are also schools that offer free tuition if your parents earn less than a certain amount of money per year.


The Academy provides free tuition, room, board and medical and dental benefits. You must serve as an officer in the Air Force for at least eight years, and at least five of those years must be in active duty..

The United States Air Force Academy   (Colorado)

This liberal arts college provides free tuition to students who are residents of Central Appalachia. Students are required to participate in the Student Work Program at least 10 hours per week and 160 hours per semester.

Alice Lloyd College (Pippa Passes, Kentucky)

This Christian school provides a scholarship equal to the amount of tuition to students who live on campus, but the school doesn’t cover the cost of room, board or other fees.

Barclay College  (Haviland, Kansas)

This junior liberal arts college covers all students’ tuition, room and board, and there are scholarships that can be applied for to cover other expenses.

Deep Springs College  (Deep Springs, California)

This men’s vocational college teaches trades such as carpentry, power plant technology, and masonry.

Williamson College of the Trades  (Media, Pennsylvania)

Berea is a liberal arts school that provides free tuition to all students. There are, however, other fees, including room, board, health and dental care, and others, which add up to about $4,000 per semester.

Berea College  (Berea, Kentucky)

This Christian liberal arts college provides free tuition for full-time students, provided they participate in the work-study program 15 hours per week and work two 40-hour workweeks per year

College of the Ozarks  (Point Lookout, Missouri)

The conservatory provides free tuition to undergraduate and graduate students through merit-based scholarships

Curtis Institute of Music  (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

There are a number of schools that offer free tuition plans or substantial financial assistance to students. Free tuition programs can make higher education more accessible to lower-income students.

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