Composting: Everything you need to know to get started

When you compost your food scraps instead of sending them off to a landfill, you reduce methane emissions and create organic material in which to grow plants.

Composting is the practice of intentionally breaking down organic  substances — like food scraps — and turning it into compost.

What Is Composting and Why Does It Matter?

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How Does Composting Help Mitigate Climate Change?

When organic waste is thrown into the trash or into a landfill, it  decomposes anaerobically, in a process that then  creates methane.

What Can I Do With Finished Compost?

Finished compost can be used throughout the garden in lieu of artificial or chemical products to help feed plants.

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There are three overall composting categories: hot methods, cold methods and vermicomposting.

What Are the Different Types of Composting?


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