Can’t pay your credit card bills? Do this now

If you’ve racked up too much credit card debt during the pandemic, you’re not alone. Around 42 percent of consumers added to their credit card debt since March 2020.

Before you spend another sleepless night worrying about how paying late, missing payments or making no payments at all on a credit card will wreck your credit, try one or more of these tips to help you get the situation under control.

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Contact the credit card issuer

Call rather than email and explain your situation to the customer service rep. They might be able to extend a lower interest rate or allow you to skip a payment or two while you get caught up.

Transfer the balance to a card with a 0 percent APR

If you can’t afford payments on credit cards with high balances, consider applying for a balance transfer card with a 0 percent introductory APR.

Meet with a credit counselor

If your credit card debt is out of control, consider meeting with a credit counselor at a nonprofit or nominal-fee credit counseling agency to sort things out and come up with a debt payoff plan.

Add to your income

Few people are eager to cut into their leisure time with more work obligations, but earning more money is one of the fastest ways to pay off credit card debt.