10 credit card scams & how to avoid them

As the use of credit cards continues to rise, so does the array of different credit card scams used to try to steal your money.

Credit card criminals continue to design scams to entice you to hand over your credit card information, from phishing scams to credit card reader scams to threats of arrest.

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Overcharge Scams

The best way to avoid this potential credit card scam is to either hang up the call or exit the email.

Interest Rate Scams

As the cardholder, you have a better chance of reducing your rate than a third-party company with no relationship with the creditor.

Gas Station Credit Card Scams

Don’t insert your card if you can remove the skimmer with little effort. Instead, go to another gas station to get your gas.

Prepaid Credit Card Scams

If someone is requesting a prepaid credit card, that’s a red flag. It’s best not to proceed with this transaction as it may be a prepaid credit card scam.

Hotel Front Desk Credit Card Scams

If this happens to you, it’s best to handle the matter in person. You can hang up and then visit the front desk to ensure your credit information isn’t exposed to the wrong person.