Cut or trim these 4 expenses to get ahead in 2023

If you’re committed to paying off debt so you’re in a better  financial position this year, start with these four expenses and  surprise yourself with how much less you’ll spend each month.

If you have four or five subscriptions averaging $15 each and cut all but one, that’s $45 less you’ll spend each month.

Monthly subscriptions

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You’ll never get ahead if you’re paying inflated prices on bags of  chips, dips, toilet paper, cat food and canned goods at convenience  stores on your way home from work.

Convenience store purchases

ATM and cash advance fees

Hitting up the nearest ATM with your credit card every time you need  cash means credit card cash advance fees can add up quickly.

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You don’t have to deprive yourself of all dining out or takeout  experiences. But preparing most meals at home and taking your lunch to  work will free up a lot of extra money each month.

Dining out


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