Did TitkTok help tuna stocks rise?

After a difficult year of surging food prices at grocery stores,  Americans are beginning to revisit a traditionally cheap, high-protein  staple: canned tuna.

US sales of canned seafood rose 9.7% to $2.7 billion. Some individual retailers experienced astronomical sales spikes.

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This deafening buzz is likely due to canned tuna’s takeover of TikTok,  where users have posted tens of millions of tuna-centric videos in the  past few months.

Gourmet Dishes

The idea is to get creative with inexpensive food, specifically by  exploring different styles of tuna dishes, outside of the classic tuna  sandwich.

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TikTok trends aside, canned fish is a great, affordable alternative to  revisit if your grocery budget has been pulled tight over the past year.

Time To Try Tuna?


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