Want to live anywhere? Try one of these digital nomad jobs

These days you may have heard the term digital nomad tossed around the internet and media. It might sound cool to have the freedom to roam where you please.

You could pop open your laptop and work from the beach, from your hotel room, from your favorite coffee shop or flying to your next destination!

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Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is someone that helps clients virtually. It’s like an online admin or a personal assistant online.

Graphic designer

Graphic design involves designing graphics like social media posts, book covers, web pages and more.


For writers you literally just need yourself and a computer. Then, you can work anywhere! You’ll make the most money if you pick a niche and stick to it.

Digital publisher/influencer

If you’ve got a presence on social media like YouTube or other platforms, monetize it and get paid to influence.

Social Media Manager

Social media managers get paid to manage social media for their clients. You can find jobs on freelance job boards, through networking, groups, and on social media.