Disney Channel shows your kids will love (& you won’t hate)

Your entire life changes the moment you have kids. Your favorite shows will be replaced first by cartoons, then live-action kid’s programs, and finally by tween and teen sitcoms.

The good news is that The Disney Channel has several kid-friendly shows that parents won’t dread watching too.

While the Disney shows that you knew and loved as a kid, like “Boy Meets World” and “Doug,” are long gone, there are now plenty of series that are ready for the next generation to enjoy.


Who doesn’t love mind-blowing magic and hilarious hidden camera pranks? Well, this series combines both of them in one program that your entire family will enjoy.

Raven’s Home

This show shares the story of two single moms, who are also best friends, as they move in together to raise their children.

Liv and Maddie

The storylines are lighthearted, relatable, and totally entertaining. While Liv and Maddie are the stars of the show, their mom’s character will leave you all laughing hysterically with her comedic delivery.

Coop and Cami Ask the World

With a strong emphasis on family relationships and friendship, kids will enjoy the show’s events and characters, while the heartfelt and funny content will amuse parents.

Just Roll With It

The series takes inspiration from “Whose Line Is It Anyway” and “Choose Your Own Adventure” books, and the result is an entertaining and engaging show that you’ll all enjoy.


As you can imagine, a kid’s summer camp provides the perfect backdrop for tons of family-friendly episodes covering topics like roommates, rival campers, and mysteries in the woods.


“Ride” is a funny, heartfelt series that focuses on the relationships and challenges that we all face as we navigate changes in our lives.

Secrets of Sulphur Springs

The mildly spooky show has enough suspense and mystery to captivate adults and kids at the same time while avoiding blatantly scary scenes.

Sydney to the Max

The plot follows outgoing Sydney as she struggles to understand why her overprotective dad throws down so many rules and guidelines for her to follow.