Do I really need an estate plan? (Hint: Yes)

Contrary to what many people assume, you don’t have to be old, rich,  or have children to benefit from making a financial plan for after you  are gone.

Estate planning is  deciding in advance and in writing who will get your assets and money  after your death or in the event that you become incapacitated.

What Is an Estate Plan?

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You Decide Where Your Assets Will Go

If you don’t have beneficiaries named in an estate plan, the courts will determine who gets your assets.

You Have Children

If you have children, it’s important for you to consider how you want  them cared for if you and your spouse were to pass away, and who you  would want to be their guardians.

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If you have beneficiaries you want to leave your assets to, having an  estate plan and/or will can minimize the legal headache your loved ones  have to deal with.

It Can Help Avoid Legal Headaches


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