Done with in-office jobs? Here’s how to find remote work

Sick of the fluorescent lighting and hour-long commutes? It’s no surprise you searched for how to get a remote job. Employers have stretched their employees to the point of exhaustion with long hours, little perks and less than livable wages.

When you start your remote job search, be clear on the type of position you want. Do you want a job that you have to do a lot of moving and traveling around like a traveling nurse or do you work in tech and looking for a secure tech job that you can do from wherever you want to be at that moment, not dependent on their assignments?

Revamp Your Resume

There really isn’t anything special you have to do to your resume for landing a remote job, but it does help to list past remote job roles you had as being remote. You can mark this on that area of your resume, such as “remote software engineer” or describe under a job role that you were a part of a remote team of.

Know Your Market Rate

Before you start looking at jobs, know what pay ranges you will and won’t consider. This will ensure you don’t waste any time applying for jobs that don’t pay near your rate.

Look for Jobs With a “Remote First” Mindset

When you’re looking for a remote job, expect nothing else but a remote job, meaning don’t be lenient on your own requirements and don’t settle for a job if it isn’t remote. This is so you don’t waste time away from your goal.

Nail the Interview

When you are interviewing, be sure to showcase any remote work experience that you have. If there is a certain work from home ritual you have that helps you stay on task and in a collaborative, share it.


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