Dry January? No thanks. We’re doing this instead

We hope you’ll join us in finding ways to find pleasure in a glass (or  can), no matter how much or little alcohol your drink contains.

Get Fizzy With It

Sparkling wines and bubbly cocktails and highballs are generally refreshing, lighter and lower in alcohol, all of which  makes them perfect for indulging in during the day.

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Go Low Or No ABV

Mocktails, low ABV drinks and session beers are all designed  for prolonging enjoyment, not instant intoxication. This is a good  thing.

Eat Something

Pairing food and drink is not just delicious, but smart.  Beer, wine, or cocktail pairings with a meal should be scaled  appropriately and savored.

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Keep Your Cool

Cool climate wines are often lower in alcohol and great for pairing with food.


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