Everything you need to know about coffee naps

Can downing a shot of java immediately before napping really  supercharge your naps? Are coffee naps just a fun trend? Read on to  discover what the science has to say.

A coffee nap, otherwise known as a ‘caffeine nap,’ refers to drinking a cup of coffee and sleeping.

What is a coffee nap?

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Do coffee naps work?

In healthy people with normal adrenal function, coffee naps can be a good way to reboot the day.

How to take a coffee nap

Drink the research-backed amount of 200 milligrams of caffeine (12-ounce cup of coffee or two shots of espresso) quickly.

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After napping, return to your daily activities and notice if you  feel more alert and refreshed to gauge if your coffee nap was effective.

How to take a coffee nap


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