17 ways to make financial freedom a reality

Ever dream of walking out of your job, free to pursue a project you’ve always dreamed of starting? Or having the financial freedom to leave an unhealthy relationship or location?

Each of these opportunities could be afforded with financial freedom. Just as it sounds, financial freedom is typically defined as having the resources to do exactly as you please.

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Determine Your Needs

A good first step toward financial freedom is determining how much money you’ll likely need to cover your costs once you achieve financial independence.

Explore New Income Streams

You can explore opportunities to create new streams of income. Any property you own, including real estate, cars, tools, and appliances, can serve as money-making assets.

Consider Stocks

Whether you own individual stocks or diversified stock funds (mutual funds or exchange-traded funds), the stock market can be used to generate income.

Consider Bonds

You can consider investing in bonds as a strategy for growing wealth. Bonds are investments in the debt of a corporation or government, whether federal or local.

Consider Real Estate Leasing

This method of generating passive income often relies on leveraging your financial position — taking on debt in order to generate a profit on borrowed money.