Gas bill through the roof?  How Can I Lower My Gas Bill? 

There are several steps you can take to lower your natural gas bill.

Get a Home Energy Assessment

A professional home energy auditor looks at your past bills for information about your energy use, and inspects your home to pinpoint problem areas and offer money-saving suggestions.

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Balance Costs Across the Year

If your local utility offers a yearly budget plan, you may be able to spread out your costs so that your bill is roughly the same amount each month.

Lower Your Water Heater Temperature

Lowering the temperature to 120 degrees can help you save money, prevent family members from accidentally scalding themselves, and protect your pipes.

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Look for Leaks

If your doors and windows are getting older, check whether cold air is coming in and warm air escaping. Clear plastic film or weather stripping may be all you need to fix the problem.


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