The ultimate guide to making produce last longer

It’s estimated that the average household wastes more than 30% of the food it obtains, a staggering statistic with both financial and environmental consequences.

Storing foods properly to avoid spoilage can eliminate some of this waste, especially when paired with better shopping and meal-planning habits.

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To prevent apples from getting mealy, store them in the refrigerator. If you’re really dedicated, wrap each apple in reusable beeswax paper to prevent one rotting fruit from spoiling the bunch.


Store halved avocados in a container with an onion, or rub the exposed flesh with lemon juice, which prevents the fruit from oxidizing and turning brown.


Bananas release high levels of ethylene gas, so it’s best to store them alone on the counter, preferably hanging from a banana hook where they aren’t putting pressure on one another.

Bell Peppers

To prevent bell peppers from getting wrinkly and soft, keep them in the fridge, where they’ll last 1-2 weeks if separated from ethylene-gas-producing fruits.


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