Hauntingly beautiful abandoned places in the US

While some historical sites in America are well preserved, The U.S. Census Bureau estimates 19 million buildings have been abandoned across the county. Every day they are fading away into oblivion and taking history with them.

Indoor Swim

In its heyday, it sported two Olympic-sized swimming pools, several cottages and hotels, eight tennis courts, a skating rink, a ski slope and lodge, an 18 hole golf course, and its own post office and airport.

Less Privacy, More Fantasy

The indoor pool featured a beauty salon with a view to a kill.  A large 5 foot by 4-foot plate glass window where you could watch swimmers dive by while getting your hair and nails done.

Haunted Cereal

Jackson Sanatorium is located in upstate New York and looks more like a scene from The Shining than a health resort. Known now as the place that invented Granola.

A Battle Lost to Time

Though several vain attempts at restoring the property and its accompanying cottages were made over the years, the cottages were burned down by vandals.

Music Therapy

The Allegany County Home (originally called a poorhouse) was located near Angelica, New York, and was the crossroads to modern asylums.  The staff often used music to soothe residents and teach them social skills. 

Reading is Fundamental

Many believe it was to ease the minds of these dispersed residents, whereas today, we think of them as a place to protect the world from its residents rather than the other way around.

The Ghost Town and the Video Game

Centralia, located in central Pennsylvania in the heart of Coal Country, was founded in 1866.  Victim of an underground coal fire in the early 60’s most of its residents were paid to leave the area due to “dangerous fumes.”

Mind Fire

The largest vein of blue coal in the U.S. runs right through the center of Pennsylvania. Also known as Anthracite, blue coal is highly sought after because it yields the highest energy density of all coal.

To The Moon (and beyond)

Dr. Evermor has created a sci-fi lover’s wet dream that beckons every hitchhiker in the galaxy.  Massive sculptures of wondrous machines and creatures dot this small art park, now curated by his surviving wife and daughter.

Never Bent

All of the salvage he had done over the years, from NASA space parts to millions of truck and car parts, would go into making up his fantastical Forevertron.

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